Georges BIZET
Symphony in C
Jeux d'Enfants;
Variations chromatiques

Martin West
San Francisco Ballet Orchestra



Reference Recordings is proud to present these works of Georges Bizet, beautifully performed by the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Martin West. The recording was made at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California by Grammy-winning engineer Keith O. Johnson.

The "Symphony in C" is a delightful gem, composed in 1855. It was produced as a ballet choreographed by George Balanchine, and premiered at the San Francisco Ballet in 1961.

"Jeux d'Enfants" is filled with youthful wonder, and fanciful, charming, memorable tunes. We include Bizet's own orchestrations of five of the pieces. The remaining seven pieces' orchestrations are by Hershey Kay and Roy Douglas. This recording is the first to feature all 12 pieces, with the Kay and Douglas orchestrations.

"Variations chromatiques" is a dramatic work recorded only once before, by the Louisville Orchestra in 1973. This is the first modern recording and the first time this work is available on compact disc.

Track Listing: - Symphony in C (1855) - 1 Allegro vivo; 2 Adagio; 3 Scherzo, Allegro vivace; 4 Finale, Allegro vivace
Jeux d’Enfants, Opus 22 (1871) - (Orchestrations by Georges Bizet, Hershey Kay, and Roy Douglas) - 5 L’Escarpolette (The Swing/Sea Saw); 6 Impromptu: La Toupie (The Top); 7 Berceuse: La Poupée (The Doll); 8 Les Chevaux de Bois (Hobby Horses); 9 Le Volant (The Shuttlecock/Badminton); 10 Marche: Trompette et Tambour (Trumpet and Drum); 11 Les Bulles de Savon (Soap Bubbles); 12 Les quatre Coins (Puss in the Corner); 13 Colin-Maillard (Blind Man’s Buff); 14 Saute-Mouton (Leap-Frog); 15 Duo: Petit Mari, petite Femme (Little Husband, Little Wife); 16 Galop: Le Bal (The Ball)
17 Variations chromatiques (1868) - (Orchestrated by Felix Weingartner)

RR-131 Review excerpts:

"The San Francisco musicians give a performance that balances tonal depth with expressive intensity... The orchestra is always on its toes and alert to Bizet's poetic allure." —Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone

"...incredibly defined bass, beautiful separation of instruments...and a general feeling of audiophile good will as Johnson and the musicians create's nice to hear such high quality playing...displayed for posterity in such incredible sound. Another winning release from the Reference team." -- Anthony Kershaw,

"These three works of Bizet are all well-performed, and two of them are completely unique...This is very first recording of Bizet's Jeux D'Enfants which brings us all dozen of the pieces in the original piano-four-hands collection, transcribed for playing by a full orchestra...The Variations chromatiques here receives its CD premiere." -- John Sunier, Audiophile Audition

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