Reference Recordings announces a new album
from blues/roots singer-songwriter
Doug MacLeod

There's A Time

Genuine Original Acoustic Music!
SAN FRANCISCO - 'Prof.' Keith Johnson's first blues recording! 13 new MacLeod originals highlight this richly detailed recording, done at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, CA. by our Grammy® winning engineer.

Also featuring Doug's longtime bassist Denny Croy and Jimi Bott, one of the most recorded, awarded and respected blues drummers in the world.

Doug says: "Making this album was different than any other one I've done in the past," recalls MacLeod about the sessions. "They put Jimi, Denny and me on this huge soundstage at Skywalker Sound in Marin County and we sat around in a circle where we could see each other. We played live, no overdubs, just three guys playing some music together."

Reference Recordings is proud to announce that Doug MacLeod has WON 2 Blues Music Awards!
1. Acoustic Artist of the Year 2. Acoustic Album of the Year "There's A Time
- Blues Foundation Website - for more information
Doug MacLeod's website!

Track Listing: - 1 Rosa Lee, 2 Black Nights, 3 The Up Song, 4 My Inlaws Are Outlaws, 5 The Entitled Few, 6 A Ticket Out, 7 Run With The Devil, 8 St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool, 9 I'll Be Walking On, 10 East Carolina Woman, 11 The Night Of The Devil's Road, 12 Dubb's Talking Religion Blues, 13 Ghost .

Doug MacLeod – guitar, vocals – Denny Croy, bass – Jimi Bott, drums

All songs written by Doug MacLeod published by Gaslight Square Music, administered by BMG/Chrysalis


Music 9
Sound 10

NOTE: This reviews the LP version of Doug's music but it's worth the read. "It's more folk than blues. MacLeod's ability to crossover and combine the two genres, as well as his wide emotional range and story weaving abilities keep the listener engaged throughout the nearly hour long, thirteen tune set spread over two 45rpm 200g LPs...Recording engineer Keith O. Johnson, best known for the spacious, wide sound stages and thunderous dynamics found on References classical music recordings... Johnson is well known for capturing an orchestra's lower registers. Here he perfectly gets the string pluck and body of Croy's 1948 Kay double bass as well as the punch of Bott's kick drum. The bottom end of this recording is positively awesome. If it sounds muddy, blame your system not Johnson's recording...The opening track tells the story...On the LP they are there!. QRP's 200g pressings were dead silent too. Add a "Tip On" full color gatefold jacket and excellent photos and liner notes and you have a first class package to accompany an equally fine recording and of course performances that will keep you coming back for another "set." - Michael Fremer, - complete review

Stereophile Magazine: Editor's Pick Recording of the Month (May 2013).
"...impeccable playing, impassioned singing, and his engaging personality shines forth in a live setting. It all makes for a very enjoyable if very traditional experience." —Robert Baird, Stereophile

"On guitar, he strums and slides through an apocrypha of alternate tunings played on a rich chase of classic six and twelve-strong acoustics. This master storyteller has a knack for exploring the space between the notes, delivering quiet, thoughtful asides and blues sermons, sometimes saturated in Jack and Coke or steeped in swampy mysticism of the Delta blues tradition." —Greg Cahill, The Absolute Sound, June 2013 Issue

"There’s A Time continues the long history of blues as a story-telling medium, an art form that Doug MacLeod has mastered with literary integrity and serious blues feeling." —Frank Matheis, Living Blues, April-May 2013

"MacLeod reminds us of the shared roots of blues, jazz, and folk music. And here on his 19th studio album, he does it in a way that makes you want to pay attention." — Rick Allen, Vintage Guitar Magazine. June 2013 Issue

RR-130HDCD - Doug MacLeod - There's A Time

NOTE: Reference has released this new album on a 200-gram vinyl two-LP set, half-speed mastered and pressed at Quality Record Pressings (RM-2507) - to order, and on our HRx 176.4kHz/24 bit DVD Data Disc format (HR-130).


Doug is a throwback musician in the great tradition of the traveling bluesman from the genre's classic era, having apprenticed with some of the best as a sideman with such legends as Big Joe Turner, Pee Wee Crayton, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Big Mama Thornton and George "Harmonica" Smith. During that time, he developed his unique, unorthodox and powerfully rhythmic acoustic guitar style, which he puts to great use on There's A Time playing on a variety of guitars with such pet names as "Moon" (a National M-1 Tricone), "Little Bit" (a Gibson C-100 FE) and "Owl" (a National Style "O"), plus a National El Trovador 12-String.

The other element of Doug's style is his remarkable ability as a storyteller, another trademark of the classic itinerant blues musician. Listening to the songs on There's A Time is like attending a master class on storytelling, as MacLeod weaves tales that are visceral, insightful and often humorous.