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Minnesota Orchestra 18 CDs $230.40

RR-70,71,79,80,81,82,83,87,88,91,92,93,95,96,99,100,102 and 103
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The world-renowned Minnesota Orchestra in the first recordings with its dynamic new music director. Eiji Oue (A.G. OH-way), a former protege of Leonard Bernstein and Seiji Ozawa, has turned the entire Twin Cities area on its head with his exciting and masterful interpretations. Minnesota Orchestra Website


Concerto Nicolò for piano left hand and orchestra
Concerto for Orchestra

Gary Graffman, piano
Stanislaw Skrowaczewski
Minnesota Orchestra

American pianist Gary Graffman has been a major figure in the music world since 1949. He made an extensive series of acclaimed recordings for CBS and RCA with the orchestras of New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago and Boston. His performing career was curtailed by an injury to his right hand, and now his performances focus on the repertoire for piano left hand. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski is an internationally-known conductor and composer. Concerto Nicolò was commissioned for Gary Graffman, and is a lighthearted score based on the famous 24th Caprice of Nicolò Paganini. The Concerto for Orchestra is a brilliantly-scored work.
"The slight Paganini snippet is developed and redeveloped, transmuting it into the musical equivalent of precious metal. The Concerto Nicolo should become a major addition to the piano left hand repertory. . . Warmly recommended."  --Ronald Legum, Audiophile Audition -

Track listing: Concerto Nicolò for piano left hand and orchestra 1-Lento; 2-Largo; 3- Presto Tenebroso; 4-Finale Concerto for Orchestra: 5-Adagio, Misterioso; 6-Adagio, “Anton Bruckners Himmelfahrt”

RR–103 HDCD — $16.98


BRUCKNER:Symphony No. 9
"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"
Skrowaczewski,the Minnesota Orchestra's Conductor Emeritus, is renowned as an interpreter of the profoundly spiritual, late-Romantic scores of Anton Bruckner. He brings a rare insight and sense of drama to the three movements of the Viennese master's unfinished Ninth Symphony.
"A powerful, sweeping and noble performance." --Minneapolis Star-Tribune
RR-81 HDCD $16.98


Sir John Tavener
Ikon of Eros

Minnesota Orchestra
Minnesota Chorale
Paul Goodwin, Conductor
Jorja Fleezanis, Violin
Patricia Rozario, Soprano
Tim Krol, Baritone

One of today's most celebrated composers, Sir John Tavener has earned a huge following worldwide for the combination of spiritual mysticism, reverent yearning and passion that suffuses all of his music. This work originated as a commission for Jorja Fleezanis, concertmistress of the Minnesota Orchestra, on the occasion of the orchestra's Centennial. This magnificent work expresses a moving interplay between the forces of the orchestra, depicting aspects of the Divine Spirit, and the violin, representing the "Divine Eros" - "our longing for God and His longing for us." The music speaks deeply to a universal longing for love, peace and transcendence that unites all faiths. Prof. Johnson's recording amazingly captures the enveloping sound of the massed orchestra, choir and soloists in the magnificent acoustics of the Cathedral of Saint Paul, MN, creating a transcendent musical and sonic experience.

Track listing: 1-17:26; 2 -7:48; 3-15:53; 4- 19:50; 5 John Tavener in interview with Brian Newhouse 10:45 courtesy Minnesota Public Radio.

"A recording like this is no mere entertainment... The music is immediately seductive, but it nevertheless requires several auditions in order to unlock all of its beauty... This is a powerful work, from which emanates the scent of immateriality." -- Reine Lessard, Ultra High Fidelity OTHER REVIEWS

RR–102 HDCD — $16.98


Dominick Argento has been awarded a Grammy® in the category "Best Classical Contemporary Composition"

"Casa Guidi" nominated for two Grammys®
Reference Recordings was once again honored by the Grammy organization, with two nominations for ONE release. Mezzo-soprano FREDERICA VON STADE was nominated in the category ÒBest Classical Vocal Performance,and composer DOMINICK ARGENTO won in the category "Best Classical Contemporary Composition." Congratulations to both!

Casa Guidi
Frederica von Stade
Sings Dominick Argento

Minnesota Orchestra
Eiji Oue, Conductor

This magical CD brings together world premiere recordings of three works by one of America's outstanding living composers, Dominick Argento (b.1927), and features the magnificent singing of mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade. "Everything Argento writes . . .originates in his love for the voice. His subject is self-discovery - the human condition illuminated by music of extraordinary lyric beauty." Casa Guidi, with Ms von Stade, is a set of five songs with orchestra based on letters of poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Argento's Capriccio for Clarinet and Orchestra ("Rossini in Paris") is a delightful tribute to the spirit and melodic brilliance of the great 19th century composer of "The Barber of Seville". Finally, In Praise of Music: Seven Songs for Orchestra is a brilliant symphonic tribute to the glory of music itself, drawing inspiration from the spirit of music expressed by many cultures over the centuries. Pulitzer Prize winning Dominick Argento is the Composer Laureate of the Minnesota Orchestra and under the direction of Eiji Oue, that orchestra plays with passion, panache and tremendous sensitivity to this beautiful music.

Track listing: Casa Guidi 21:39: Five Songs for Mezzo-soprano and Orchestra: Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Her Sister Frederica von Stade, mezzo-soprano. 1-Casa Guidi 4:15; 2- The Italian Cook and the English Maid 3:36; 3 -Robert Browning 6:09; 4 -The Death of Mr. Barrett 2:47; 5- Domesticity 5:01 Capriccio for Clarinet and Orchestra (Rossini in Paris) 23:33 Burt Hara, clarinet 6 Une R?jouissance 7:27; 7- Une Caresse ^ ma femme 6:37; 8- Un petit Train du plaisir 9:23; In Praise of Music: Seven Songs for Orchestra 33:06: 9- For the healer, DAVID 5:27; 10- For the god, APOLLO 3:04; 11- For the satyr, PAN 5:56; 12- For the sorrower, ORPHEUS 4:58; 13- For the angel, ISRAFEL 4:24; 14 -For the saint, CECILIA 4:31; 15- For the child, MOZART 4:37. (TT 78:25) (Released 2003)
RR–100 HDCD — $16.98


"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"
Relaxing,beloved classics by Debussy, Satie, Ravel, Faurè, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and more, beautifully played by one of America’s great orchestras. A balm for jangled nerves, and excellent music for unwinding and dining! The pace of the human heartbeat so appealed to the composers on this program that they harnessed their music to it. Yet they produced orchestral statements of such variety that a listener might not immediately discern their similar pace, which is described by the musical term “andante,” or walking tempo. A departure, then, for RR and “Prof.” Johnson, whose spacious and transparent sonic textures play large dividends in string-based orchestral music of such clarity and refinement.

"It succeeds in plunging us into a dreamlike state that chases away daily pressures... I emerged from listening refreshed and serene." Reine Lessard, Ultra High Fidelity

RR-99 HDCD -- $16.98



Grammy® Nominated 2003
Category 90– Best Engineered Album - Classical
Keith O. Johnson, enginee

Selected by SoundStage!.com as one of the "Best Recordings of 2001"
Chosen by THREE reviewers of The Absolute Sound magazine as one of the best releases of 2001.

Sergei Rachmaninoff was one of the most beloved composers of the twentieth century. His music is redolent of his Russian homeland, and it sings long, lush melodies that define the term "romantic." Everyone who knows and loves his piano concertos will enjoy these lyrical and dynamic works for orchestra. The "Symphonic Dances" in recent years have become one of Rachmaninoff’s most-performed scores. The five "Ètudes-Tableaux" were orchestrated by Ottorino Respighi from the brilliant originals for piano. "Vocalise" is one of the great classical melodies, and is hummable by everyone. Initial response from renowned reviewers is amazingly positive. Two have said this is the finest orchestral recording RR has ever made!

RR-96 HDCD -- $16.98


Grammy® Nominated: Best Engineered Album, Classical
Keith O. Johnson, Engineer
More Information "Dazzling orchestral colors," is one one way to describe the music of Ottorino Respighi. "Belkis, Queen of Sheba" was conceived as an evening-long ballet with singing whose lavishness has kept it from view since its La Scala premiere. This is only the second recording of a suite prepared by the composer – for the first time with the tenor solo (sung by Chad Shelton), and with the movements in the correct order. The music's oriental perfumes and barbaric splendor guarantee the enthusiasm of anyone who hears it. "Dance of the Gnomes" is a little-known but characteristically dramatic and colorful (some might say "lurid") tone poem. "Prof." Johnson's stunning HDCD¬ sonics make Respighi’s greatest hit "The Pines of Rome" (with extra brasses and organ!) a dazzling conclusion to this unusual, inventive program.

RR-95 HDCD -- $16.98
Also available as RM-1509 (LP) and HR-95 (HRx)


"The Absolute Sound Bakers Dozen--HP's Top Thirteen"
Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the birth of America's favorite composer! EIJI OUE displays a real affinity for three Copland masterpieces: Fanfare for the Common Man, Appalachian Spring Suite and the magnificent Third Symphony, all recorded in "Prof." Johnson's most exciting HDCD sound!REVIEWS

Track listing:
Fanfare for the Common Man; Appalachian Spring Suite,Third Symphony.
RR-93 HDCD -- $16.98

BOLERO!-- orchestral fireworrks

"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"
Ravel's BOLERO is the most-recognizable piece of orchestral music ever written. Its hypnotic melodies, rhythms and brilliant orchestral colors have insured its popularity with audiences everywhere. Now "Prof." Johnson has made the HDCD recording of BOLERO that RR fans have been waiting for, as the finale of a generous program of orchestral showpieces. Included are favorites by Liszt, Brahms, Dvorak, Berlioz, Chabrier -- and rarities by Kabalevsky, Deems Taylor, Dinicu, Jarnefelt and -- yes -- the famous conductor Otto Klemperer!

RR-92 HDCD -- $16.98


Valentino Dances
"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"

Dominick Argento is America’s pre-eminent opera composer, and a creator of vocal, choral and orchestral music that places him in the top rank of living composers. This significant new release presents WORLD PREMIERE recordings of five important Argento works, all closely associated with the Minnesota Orchestra: VALENTINO DANCES, a suite from the opera "The Dream of Valentino"featuring accordionist William Schimmel of The Tango Project; REVERIE, REFLECTIONS ON A HYMN TUNE; LE TOMBEAU D'EDGAR POE, a suite from the opera "The Voyage of Edgar Allan Poe," featuring tenor Chad Shelton; VALSE TRISTE; and A RING OF TIME.

RR-91 HDCD -- $16.98



Premiere Recordings!

"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"
The overture and a new suite from CANDIDE, and orchestrations of FIVE SONGS, with mezzo Beth Clayton. Three Meditations from MASS feature cellist Anthony Ross, and this unusual program ends with the whimsical, rousing DIVERTIMENTO FOR ORCHESTRA. " of the finest recordings I've ever heard." --Al Fasoldt, Fanfare
RR-87 HDCD -- $16.98


Das Lied von der Erde (The Song of the Earth)

Michelle DeYoung (mezzo) and Jon Villars (tenor) -- two of America's most sought-after young singers -- are featured in this searing new performance of Mahler's greatest vocal work. REVIEWS

RR-88 HDCD -- $16.98


"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"
Ein Heldenleben; "Die Frau ohne Schatten" Suite
A HERO'S LIFE! Never one to shirk admiration, Strauss wrote a gigantic tone poem in his own honor. His opera THE WOMAN WITHOUT A SHADOW is full of brilliant orchestral interludes. Erich Leinsdorf's suite is given a stunning performance in its first digital recording!
RR-83 HDCD -- $16.98


"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"
Ghosts, goblins, spirits and demons run amok in this program of infernal orchestral favorites: MEPHISTO WALTZ (Liszt), NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN (Mussorgsky), TAM O' SHANTER (Arnold) and many more in an explosive witches' brew!

RR-82 HDCD $16.98


The world-renowned Minnesota Orchestra, and its dynamic music director, Eiji Oue (AY-jee OH-way) return to RR with a program of Maurice Ravel's orchestrations of popular piano works. The disk includes Ravel's treatment of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition (a perennial Top 10 favorite), with music by Schumann, Chabrier, Debussy, and Ravel himself.
RR-79 HDCD $16.98


"The Absolute Sound Super Disc List"
A hi-fi travelogue of popular tone poems, including Tchaikovsky's Capriccio italien, The Moldau by Smetana, and a blistering performance of Sibleius' Finlandia. The incredible realism of these recordings will transport you from Minneapolis' Orchestra Hall to the far corners of the world and back again!
RR-80 HDCD $16.98


1997 Grammy® Nominee
The Rite of Spring, The Firebird Suite andThe Song of the Nightingale have never sounded more magical or more dynamic!
"This HDCD has more detail than any live performance I have attended. The orchestra and the hall sound simply glorious. Put it on, sit back, and be amazed!" --BOB LUDWIG, Stereo Review


Favorites and rarities, including Saint-Saëns: Bacchanale, Strauss: Dance of the Seven Veils, and Rabaud: Dances from Marouf. "Both discs represent triumphs of artistry -- musical and technical." --InTune

RR-71 HDCD $16.98




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